At Galvin Green, sustainability isn't just a recent endeavour, but a long-standing commitment that's been integral to our premium golf apparel brand for over thirty years. Our journey to adopt a more responsible and ethical approach to fashion is driven by a dedication to making a positive impact on the environment and communities we serve.

Over time, our sustainability initiatives have evolved into six key categories, each representing core aspects of our identity as a sustainable technical apparel brand within the world of golf. With a focus on technology, sourcing, relationships, and forward-looking plans, these categories define our comprehensive approach to creating a golf brand that's in harmony with both the present and the future.

  • Long-lasting clothing and durable materials
  • Timeless designs
  • Repair centre
  • Promoting product care

Product durability is one of the most important attributes of Galvin Green clothing, and a source of immense pride. As a premium brand, customers rightfully anticipate quality and durability when investing in our apparel, and our mission is to deliver excellent value. Careful material selection which has undergone rigorous testing, plus advanced construction techniques is part of our dedication to longevity. Our timeless designs can be worn for years even decades, bolstered by our commitment to aftercare. We promote and encourage proper product care and maintain an in-house repair centre to assist customers in extending the lifespan of their garments. Our conscientious approach towards product durability contributes to minimizing our impact and bringing value to our customers.

  • Local / supply chain efficiency
  • Highly functional materials
  • Expanding solution-dyed materials
  • Use of cutting-edge technologies during production
  • 2021 Sports Technology awards

As a high-tech apparel brand, Galvin Green leverages cutting-edge technology as the driving force behind our development and sourcing strategies. This extends across all product development, including material production, garment construction, supply chain optimization, and beyond. Each fabric and garment component is selected based on its functionality and attributes, with our product development team spanning the globe to secure the most advanced and responsible materials available. We collaborate with suppliers that incorporate innovative methods that reduce water consumption, streamline waste management, and create materials ideally suited for high-tech performance apparel. Our pioneering developments and unwavering commitment to sustainability earned us recognition at the 2021 Sports Technology Awards when Galvin Green secured the Sustainability in Sport award.

  • Balanced production & use of remnant materials
  • Use of sustainable materials
  • Standardized product testing
  • Well-known certifications for which we stay up to date
  • Recycled packaging materials and limited use of tape

The complexities of the apparel supply chain underscore the importance of maintaining efficient and responsible sourcing practices. A streamlined sourcing strategy holds the potential to reduce carbon emissions, minimize waste, enhance operational efficiency, and expedite product delivery. At Galvin Green, we harness historical data and use advanced forecasting techniques to ensure the precision of our garment production orders. This approach results in minimal surplus fabrics and components at the end of a production run. By refraining from over-ordering, we actively reduce waste and enhance operational efficiency. Our testing ensures select products meet the requirements within and outside the EU, and we use standardized, transparent methods to demonstrate this. Garments with components that have bluesign® and OEKO-TEX certifications are marked as such in their product description on our webstore. We proudly offer a range made from recycled materials, and most leftover fabrics are utilised in our Upcycled Collection. Our logistics teams use intelligent, tape-free, and recyclable packaging solutions. Sourcing represents an opportunity for Galvin Green to substantially mitigate our environmental footprint and we are determined to exceed expectations.

  • Close, long-lasting relationships with suppliers
  • Supplier agreements and evaluations
  • GEO Foundation 
  • Teko & Textilimportörerna memberships
  • Transparency with suppliers
  • Code of conduct

Establishing long-lasting, transparent relationships is a priority at Galvin Green. Recognizing the substantial costs and productivity setbacks associated with supplier and staff turnovers, we take immense pride in nurturing long-lasting connections with all our stakeholders. We are dedicated to fostering transparent and honest relationships with our suppliers, many of whom have grown with us over the years. Our suppliers conduct social audits upon request and have to comply with all of the laws of their production countries as well as the requirements of Galvin Green’s Code of Conduct. We encourage an open dialogue for collaborative problem-solving. Other partnerships, such as the GEO Foundation (an international non-profit entirely dedicated to helping accelerate sustainability in and through golf), demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, both as a company and within the golf industry.

  • A holistic approach
  • Office: electric car charging, solar panels, recycling, ebikes
  • Financial responsibility
  • Carbon footprint reduction initiatives

The first category of our sustainability initiatives is an integrated approach — which centres on our holistic method of addressing sustainability matters at Galvin Green. These include creating an equitable workplace for all of our staff, making our offices efficient and low impact (including solar panels, electric car charging, electric bike leases for staff, and recycling) and taking a responsible financial approach to our business. We are working towards lowering our carbon footprint by using sophisticated sizing tools on our website to reduce our return rates, and placing production orders with long lead times — allowing us to receive goods by ship rather than air. We’ve recently started fulfilling US orders from a local distribution centre, therefore significantly curbing the number of packages flown daily from our warehouse in Europe to customers in the US.

  • Fully transparent on all materials by 2025
  • We are working towards signing the Transparency Pledge by 2025
  • Work on recycling for products (future)

While we take pride in our accomplishments, this work is ongoing and requires an unwavering commitment, continuous assessment, and a clear vision for the future. The longevity, reuse options, and recyclability of new materials significantly influence our selection process during product development, and we eagerly anticipate the integration of materials and garments eligible for comprehensive recycling soon. Rapid developments in garment recycling and end-of-lifecycle alternatives impact our product development processes — and we are building collections with the knowledge that the options to recycle them will soon be rolled out. Galvin Green is committed to signing the Transparency Pledge and achieving full transparency on all materials in the near future.


In November 2021, we proudly solidified our role as a strategic partner with the GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf. This collaboration puts us into the forefront of advancing sustainability within the sport. Aligned seamlessly with our values and aspirations, we are excited to stand as an Innovation Partner alongside GEO Foundation.